Remember that the render of way back when we showed you all kinds of supercars or SUVs tailored to certain superhelves?

Well, it is obvious that you do not need to add hair to an Audi R8 or fins to a Toyota Mirai to remember for your ride that you remember someone like Wolverine or Aquaman.

Using a wrap is much easier and besides, it can be done in real life – as these examples of WrapStyle capture Batman, Spider-Man and Superman duds.

What about a more sophisticated hero? Reasonably in the sense that it is harder for someone to create something in his image – you”d even be hard pressed to find a decent silver surfer t-shirt.

That is, this Brabus-tuned W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class pulls it pretty well thanks to this chrome exterior. You do not want to be stuck in traffic on a sunny day, but if you are a humanoid with metallic skin and cosmic powers, then you can be fine.

We also dig the tinted windows, taillights and red brake calipers. It is an ensemble.

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