The strategies of the Volkswagen Group worldwide have paid off since the German giant in the first half of 2017 was able to deliver a total of 5,115,900 vehicles.
This represents an increase of 0.8 percent compared to the previous period.

Europe was the main market of the automobile company, which amounted to 2.271 800 cars, 3.5 percent, shortly after the Asia-Pacific, where 1.96.200 units were delivered to customers, including 1,862 .000 in China.

The Germans also did well in North America and sent 3.9 percent more cars from January to the end of June. In the US, sales rose by 7.2 percent to 293,400. In South America, sales rose by 11.4 percent and contributed to the delivery of 248,300 vehicles.

As usual, Volkswagen cars were the most favored 2,935,100, a plus of 0.3 percent, followed by Audi with 909,000, Skoda, Seat and Porsche, with 585,000, 246,500 and 126,500.

The deliveries of Volkswagen”s commercial vehicles rose by 5 percent to 249,800 and the MAN and Scania truck divisions also increased well by 6.9 percent and by 8.2 percent.