In this latest example of “what the hell is that?” We have a picture showing one of the strangest looking Honda Civics you”ll ever see.

This image taken somewhere in the USA shows an old Civic, which has received a series of modifications that make it barely recognizable as a Honda.

For the beginning it was equipped with a fast and furious front bumper, which does not have It was painted and is connected by quarter panels and a hood, which also has no centimeter of color. To go to this “hella flush” look, wide tires were mounted with silly stunts next to the lowered suspension.

However, it is the butt, where the whole action happens. The doors are extended and a long hatch, which turns the Civic into the car (or is it a carcass?), Sits at the back. We never knew we wanted. The creation is so long that it now has two axles and four wheels at the back, complete with customer-specific barrel arches.


We would like to introduce ourselves as the Civic, although it can not go about a leaf without cockroaches …