Roborace has brought his first autonomous racing car to the Paris EPrix and debuted the model for the first time in public.

Roborace has driven his DevBot test muzzle at a number of races during this year’s Formula E season, but this is the first time the company’s finished vehicle has reached a racetrack.

Talking to Motorsport Roborace Chief Technology Officer Bryn Balcombe said that the company is still trying to be perfect The Autonomous Race Driver.

“It came in a few millimeters of the barrier and that is a bit too tight for the safety margin! We change this line at the moment only to make sure that it is not so close.” The car is in its own recognition state And learn the environment, we had a vehicle behind, but that’s just a safety mechanism, “he said.

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The power supply of the Robocar are four 300 kW electric motors, which allow every racing driver to reach 200 mph (320 km / h). In theory, that is. If you can operate the car yourself, there are no less than 5 LiDAR sensors, 2 radars, 18 ultrasonic sensors, 6 cameras and 2 optical speed sensors, all powered by an Nvidia chip.

Roborace says two completed Robocars will be running at a Formula E event in July before 20 examples are rolled on 10 different teams.

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