Porsche’s latest-generation 911 GT3 is that the quickest, most powerful and most technologically-advanced iteration of the GT3 to this point. However, you do not want the newest GT3, or perhaps AN recent GT3, to grasp why the 911 is control in such high regard.

Jethro Bovingdon from Drive Tribe is that the owner of a 996-generation Carrera and within the video below, describes that this close to 20-year-old 911 remains a joy to drive.

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Sure, it is not as quick as its trendy successors however it retains the enduring formula that has created the 911 one in every of the world’s most revered sports cars; a rear-engine layout, rear-wheel drive, manual transmission and exceptional steering feel.

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In the year’s since departure Porsche’s plant, Bovingdon’s 911 has undergone some upgrades as well as new engine mounts, adjustable Bilstein suspension ANd an aftermarket system.

These tweaks mix to make a driving expertise that’s onerous to search out in several modern-day sports automobiles and simply goes to point out that performance figures do not outline a car.