GM Europe was quite open with data and I hope it goes further under the new property. However, I expect it to be included in the PSA data. For now, at least, we can penetrate into the production volumes and from where they arise.
The nations in vehicle construction are Germany, Spain, Poland, Great Britain, France, Bursa (Europe). Elsewhere in South Korea. The facilities in France are owned by Renault and in Turkey by Tofas in a joint production agreement with Fiat.
Gliwice, Poland: Astra and Cascada
Rüsselsheim, Germany: Zafira, Insignia
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(1945-19006) Batilly, United Kingdom: Movano (van.), United Kingdom, United States of America, United States of America, )
Bursa, Turkey: Combo (van)
Sandouville, France: Vivaro (van)
Bupyeong, S. Korea: Antara
It will be interesting to see how the plant use In the future. There are also some other places where powertrains are made (Austria, Germany and Hungary).
Data Source: GM Europe