The Prosperity Special was a train that left a total of 24 Baldwin locomotives, part of a 50s order, until 27 May 1922. They came west from the Baldwin locomotive to East St. Louis and took the cotton belt line across Texas and was transferred to El Paso on SP tracks.

Thousands of spectators lined the tracks to see an almost half-mile long train, made up of new locomotives that left the country to California. A large signboard was built on the lead locomotive, The Prosperity Special & # 39 ;.

The special arrived at the beginning of the year in Taylor Yard in Los Angeles. Half of the locomotives would remain here and lead heavy goods across the Beaumont Hill and the Tehachapi Pass, the rest of the locomotives went to Sacramento for duty across the Sierra Nevadas, the train stopped to take water before the descent In Bakersfield and the journey into the valley to their new home in Sacramento

A few years ago I took this picture of the completed 50 in Eddystone, Pennsylvania: http: // and had zero idea of ​​what it was

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