For the overwhelming majority of owners, the Sports Series model from McLaren offers more than enough power. However, for those who want a little more, 1016 Industries has the answer thanks to their new Aerokit for the car.

Instead of simply adding new turbochargers to the car to make it a straightforward monster, the tuning company focuses instead on improving the vehicle’s cornering and stability by designing components that not only look good but also go down If the car is driven on the edge of its performanceThe tuner received allegedly feedback from 570S owner that the car can be somewhat unstable when fully utilized so that it can improve the downforce at the rear by installing a large Fixed tailgate inspired by the 570S GT4 and the P1 GTR Hypercar. To ensure optimum performance, adjust the pitch of the wing.

There was also a lot of time spent on overhauling the front of the sports car. The most obvious is a new bumper with newly designed air inlets and a splitter designed to place the front wheels on the road. Final changes include customer-specific side skirts, blinds on the mudguards, and a hood inspired by the P1.

The Aerokit can be mounted on all models of the Hardtop Sports Series series including the 540C and 570GT supplemented by a plug-and-play ECU and a TCU controller. source: