Geelys Lynk & Co Mobility Company has not only the intention to shake the industry by launching the world”s most connected vehicles, but its business is a bit different.

At the latest Shanghai launch of the 03 Concept, the Chinese company showed that in China every model it sells is delivered with a lifetime warranty and free connectivity.

Since the cars have become increasingly reliable, the guarantees have become longer, but with the exception of warranty guarantees, it is difficult to find the last than seven years. Although Lynk & Co has not stated exactly what it considers to be a lifetime warranty, it would be the first of its kind offered directly by a car manufacturer.

Last year at the unveiling of 01, Lynk & Co senior vice president Alain Visser showed that the company will also have a similar sales structure for Tesla. It will sell vehicles directly to customers online and offer home delivery services, but also offer a subscription model for those who want to purchase a Lynk & Co vehicle without buying it.

While recently before the Shanghai Auto Show, Visser said, “We believe that LYNK & CO will offer the most connected cars in the world, with the world”s first in-car digital share function , We also offer a completely new business model, with a simplified product offer, a transparent fixed pricing and an attractive buying and selling experience starting here in China this year.We bring a unique range of connected mobility with the possibility of your car Where all is contained, the key to all that we do is the simplicity. “