After an initial argument with a police officer, the driver of a Lincoln sedan decided to ram his car into the cruiser in order to make his escape.

The driver backed his MKZ into the officer’s Charger twice, before scraping a few other items and taking off. The officer, who seemed surprisingly calm during the MKZ driver’s antics, waited for the man to leave and then initiated pursuit.

According to the description of the video, the suspect was eventually taken into custody after ditching his car and attempting to run away on foot.

The entire incident, which took place in Carrollton, Kentucky, was captured on camera by a couple of bystanders who decided to chase after the two cars in hope of getting even more footage. As the action unfolds, it doesn’t seem as though they had any luck in catching up to the chase, at least not before the suspect ditched the Lincoln.

In situations like this, it’s best to keep your distance and not get involved in a car chase, unless you actually happen to be a law enforcement officer. In other words, these guys should have stayed put in order to ensure their safety – but then again, we live in an age where people would do anything to record a video that might go viral or get an impressive selfie to show on Instagram…

Attention: Offensive language used throughout the video