Liberty Walk has evolved from its comfort zone of modifying high-end machines and has a special upgrade package for the Honda S660.

Immediately recognizable as a car tuned by the Japanese company, the Mini Roadster has received a series of visual mods.

This includes new bumpers at both ends, large side skirts, luggage compartment spoiler, diffuser and screw cap, space for a set of Aftermarket wheels, packaged in performance tires.

The tuner offers two versions of the complete body kit, both made from FRP and paid at 648,000 yen ($ 5,715) and 475,000 ($ 4,190) yen in the land of the rising sun Future through two further variants. An optional air suspension can also be ordered from 580,000 ($ 5,115)

. Despite all the muscular, Liberty Walk’s tuning upgrade for the Honda S660, which is officially referred to as the SSX-660R, lacks the grunt, and retains the bearing 0.66-liter turbo’s three-banger 64HP (63 hp).

Honda still holds the S660 on the JDM, where it is part of the Kei Car segment and can be carried by 1,980,000 yen ($ 17,465).