There’s little doubt that the panther Xe SV Project eight could be a very special creation, engineered for speed and exactness. You don’t see a day a automobile maker re-engineering a series production model to such extent simply to travel quicker which deserves a minimum of a credit from the petrolheads among USA.

To get a concept of what proportion work went into the SV Project eight, Jaguar’s SVO department modified everything on the Xe however the body-in-white, the front doors and also the roof. Everything else was created specifically for this four-door performance automobile.

Power comes from Jag’s supercharged five.0-liter V8 that currently makes 591hp (600PS), catapulting the Xe SV Project eight to 60mph (96km/h) in three.3 seconds. That figure is assisted  after all by the permanent all-wheel drive system and also the responsive eight-speed automatic drive. high speed is ready at 200mph (321km/h).

The Xe SV Project eight managed to lap the Nurburgring eleven (!) seconds quicker than the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, proving that this panther could be a real, world-beating super saloon as Autocar finds enter their video review.

Jaguar can create solely three hundred copies of the Xe SV Project eight, all of them in left-hand drive, because, as they are saying, right-hand drive would compromise the handling of the automobile.