Hyundai can visit the CES 2018 in metropolis with its next-generation FCEV to showcase a trio of recent technologies, as well as its all-new autonomous systems.

The yet-unnamed, hydrogen-powered cell energy unit also will reveal its name at constant time, whereas Hyundai can detail the new Advanced Driver help Systems (ADAS) that go together with it.

The new Hyundai can become the most recent member of the company’s eco-friendly model family, adopting Associate in Nursing SUV bodystyle Associate in Nursingd an innovative approach to its interior.

Hyundai calls the new interior approach the Intelligent Personal Cockpit, that includes AI-enhanced voice recognition and “vital sign-based upbeat care”. The dashboard can feature a try of digital displays sitting aspect by aspect whereas the middle console are elevated for a additional cockpit-like feeling.

Hyundai can reveal all the main points of its new FCEV on Monday, January eight throughout the news conference at the CES 2018.