For better or worse, Lamborghini has probably exercised a degree of restraint in the design of the Huracan. For those who think that the 10-cylinder supercar could use a bit more visual flare, Novitec has released a new N-Largo board kit.

The Aftermarket package expands the Huracan by 4.7 inches to sit a solid 80 inches wide on the road, and makes room for steam roller bikes that are 20 inches in diameter and nine inches wide in front and even greater at 21 by 12.5 Inch rearFor the Coupé or Spyder, the N-Largo kit is also a new front bumper, which should affect the front lift, the ventilated front fender, the inserted rocket panels and the rear bumper with integrated diffuser.

Novitec has also dropped the suspension around a inch and is working on a compressor that is planned to increase the 5.2-liter V10 power to 860 hp – that would be enough to get that too Strongest versions of the larger Aventador to leave the dust.

There is a lot of carbon fiber trim to be selected, an abundance of interior options and a series of exhaust system upgrades – including some of expensive but lightweight Inconel as used in F1. Only eleven of these N-Largo body kits are offered, but so interested Huracan owners had better to act quickly.