It”s no secret that Honda has got some trouble getting its Formula 1 engine program up to speed. Three seasons in his return with McLaren and it is not just on power but also on reliability. Now it turns out that it could get help from one of its biggest competitors.

According to Autosport Honda works on a consulting contract with Mercedes, which could help the Japanese manufacturer to find out where it is wrong and is put on the right way.

It is expected that the agreement will focus on electronics and the electrical part of the hybrid drive. Of course, Mercedes would benefit financially from the deal, which would benefit from the wealth of experience that has emerged over the past three years from the mastery of the Grand Prix race.

The cooperation with Mercedes, also indirectly, is nothing new for McLaren, who used Mercedes engines for 20 years – even in a quasi-factory arrangement – before he brought Honda back into the game Recently even meant in recent times to consider a setback.

Mercedes isn & # 39; The only resource Honda apparently has to carry on the F1 engine program. “We have done all we can,” said Hondas F1 chief Yusuke Hasegawa Autosport . “We use every source from the outside.”

This is meant to find Ilmor, the motorsport drive pin engineering consultancy, which has helped to find the Mercedes & # 39; F1 engine division in the first place. “We do not give consultants or suppliers,” Hasegawa-san said, “but we use a lot of external resources.”

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