If we had a nickel for each time, we heard someone from Ferrari say they would not build a SUV, we would have almost enough money to actually buy one. That would be great, because despite his perseverance, the rumors say that Maranello has just such a project in the works.

The latest comes from Autocar, which reported that contrary to the usual crossover styling the design of the high-speed Prancing Horse hides its rear doors, giving it a more coupé-like profile.

Codename F16X, the Ferrari Commercial Vehicle (FUV), is likely to be mechanically divided mechanically with the GTC4 Lusso, including its all-wheel drive system, and the twin-turbo V8 or naturally aspirated V12 engines that produce 602 or 681 HP in the GTC4 , It will also likely have a tailgate and four (or five) seats, but sit higher on the road and potentially even incorporate a hybrid powertrain.

So how will Ferrari get away with the rolling out of a SUV at the existence That it is not easy: It will only say it is not an SUV. Remember that if it worked at the California, company officials popped up and down that they were not working on an entry-level Ferrari. And then, behold, an entry-level Ferrari rolled out. They simply did not mention it.

Whatever it is called, the British publication predicts that the model will cost about £ 250,000 (or a bit more than the twelve-cylinder GTC4) and sold at a rate of about 2,000 -3,000 per year, Potentially boost the car makers past the 10,000 annual unit brand for the first time in its history. (19459007) Car projected both a higher price and a volume to first break the story.)

In the end, the demand for high-end crossovers for Ferrari and its shareholders is probably too much resist. This is what Porsche put into the market, and what has been motivated since then to follow Alfa Romeo and Maserati, not to mention other high-end marques such as Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Ferrari will likely compete directly with the upcoming Aston Martin DBX and Lamborghini Urus. And the pretext of his image as a sports car with ground clearance and not as a crossover SUV can be the key to his success as the Prancing Horse emblem on his nose.

source: www.carscoops.com