We have to be honest: adapting pickups for ongoing performance has never made sense to us. These are actually workhorses, sometimes also off-roaders – but no sports car, pony car or muscle car. Once in a while, we see something cool to think about. Like this custom Ford Super Duty.

This project is the work of a guy named Topo of TS Designs, which goes through the handle of Wide Body King. And it’s not hard to see why.His Majesty has taken a Ford F-250 XLT, the wheel arches extinguished, laid him on the ground and equipped with a set of 26 inches Forgiato Sincro wheels – tailor made with black and red spokes and silver rums around the Body of the truck.

The finished product, which was shown last year at SEMA, does not look as if it were a lot of utility vessels or the equipment to a remote place off the beaten track. It could still be good to haul a considerable trailer, but we suspect that everything it is used is cruising. Just why you would need a heavy truck here, we do not know. But it looks handsome boss out.

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