Fan Bingbing was dragged into the yin and yang contract to evade the tax turmoil. He thought that it would be fine to pay back the 4 billion fines to waive the criminal responsibility. Now the film “Big Bombing” cannot be released. The director also issued a document on Weibo confirming that “it is not certain.” .

In addition to Fan Bingbing, “Big Bombing”, including Hollywood movie stars Bruce Willi, Liu Wei, Chen Weiwei, Nicholas Tse, Song Seung-hsien and other Chinese and foreign big-money, spent about 3.2 billion yuan, but after Fan Bingbing broke the tax evasion, he cut it urgently and deleted her. All the shots, even the name of the poster were removed, but still can not stop bleeding, announced from August to postpone until October, is now determined not to be released.

Xiao Feng, director of “Big Bombing”, said on Weibo, “There are many facts that don’t help, and no amount of innocence can be smeared. It is inevitable that more efforts will be made. It is time to let go.

Let go, don’t give up, It’s just a pity for the eight-year-old child, “Big Bombing!” He also thanked the team who had always supported him and apologized to the audience who still had expectations. He finally said: “I firmly believe that the sky will have eyes and will be smooth for good people. The retribution will definitely return to its place.

“Sina Entertainment” seeks the crew, and the other party also said that the film release plan has been cancelled.

After Fan Bingbing’s accident, the bankruptcy of the gold lord fled to the United States. Now that the film is determined not to be released, the crew will have to face huge losses and their efforts will be lost.

(China Times Newsletter)