Customers looking for a three-way crossover can go to their nearest Mazda dealer and try the CX-9. Law? In America, sure. And also other markets. But not in Japan

Here comes the upcoming new CX-8. In this first appearance, the CX-8 looks a bit like the CX-9. But it is actually a smaller one.

Although it rides on the same 115.3-inch wheelbase as the CX-9 and has six or seven-seat capacities (depending on the setup), the CX-8 is slightly smaller in each outer dimension: four and a half centimeters shorter Nose to tail, five inches narrower and more than half an inch deep.

It is wrapped in similar sheet to the CX-9″s and is even shown with similar wheel design. But if you look closely, even in the profile, you can notice a few small stylistic differences: the window frame in the D-pillar kicks a bit higher, for example, and the front fender line falls sharply to the front door handle. The wing mirrors also look like a different design, but from what we can see so far, you need to see the two sides side by side to cancel these differences.

Styling aside, comes the power from Mazda”s 2.2-liter diesel engine, paired to a six-speed automatic transmission. The manufacturer says “the CX-8 will serve as the flagship of the brand SUV line-up in Japan,” but do not be surprised that it is targeting other Asian markets – and possibly as far as Australia where the (slightly) Greater CX -9 is already in the offer