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– Cleveland, Ohio

Many Americans do not know that Mercedes-Benz plays the part of Ford in Europe in their commercial vehicle market; Like most plumbing cars and taxis wearing a blue oval, they carry a three-pointed star in Europe. This perception is changing since Mercedes has succeeded in the States with its fullsize Sprinter van. About the brand”s smaller, less expensive Metris-Van seems to come as a child play. While this medium-sized cargo van is profiting from being a Mercedes in the same way as the Sprinter does, there are some peculiarities that companies in the US may not like.


Impressive appearance With classic Mercedes design cues, optional body colored front and rear bumper and light alloy rims, this van makes a great first impression. I”ve talked with small business owners who drive either the Metris or the larger Sprinter, and they claim the Mercedes badge itself implies their business is legitimate and can be trusted

High building quality The Metris has higher building quality than their competitors of Ford, Ram and Nissan. This is not surprising when you consider that this is a Mercedes, and while you are not trimmed in real leather and fine wood, the interior plastics feel premium and give the impression that everything is tightly screwed together. Cargo vans usually show lots of rattles over bumps, even if they are empty, but the metris is tight as a drum and the suspension feels relatively auto-like as it is treated (again, while empty).

Strong engine The Metris is powered by Mercedes & # 39; turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder gas engine. It produces 208 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, making it by far the most powerful engine that you can get in a sub-full-size frak in the US. The Metris cargo capacity, max-tow rating and payload limit are therefore far better than the competition, thanks in part to this exhilarating engine and its rear wheel drive platform, which can handle higher loads. This engine also makes the Metris a bit of a scream drive. When leaving a traffic light, after an initial delay, the turbo comes in and a whoosh of power comes that – gently – pushes you back into your seat. I found myself a little too often in the throttle dive, reflecting my real world fuel consumption The consistency of the official rating of 22 miles per gallon. source: