Car Installations And Repair

Things are becoming expensive day by day and so are the car accessory installments and their repair. Services are becoming costlier to customize our car, so it is time we do it ourselves as it is an easy task.

Car alarm repair:

Car alarms can get annoying at times when it keeps going off accidently when a passerby touches or just walks by it. Blaring auto alarms need repair since they cause a lot of parking scenarios.

All you need to do is to find out what your alarm is particularly triggered by. Generally in most of the cars they are triggered by a small vibration explaining why they go off when a passerby just happens to touch the car. So all you need to do is to recalibrate the vibration trigger to be less sensitive.

Car amplifier installation:

Amplifier helps us boost the stock audio output provided by car stereo and transport them to different channels. Amplifier is a must add-on if one is fond of music, but then who is not.

Amplifier installation is not that hard a process. The following things are required before you start the process: An amplifier (assuming that your car already has a stereo) , a 2m hard insulated copper wire, inline fuse holder, a set of RCA cables, some speaker wires and wire connectors.

1. Switch off the car to turn the power off,

2. Open the bonnet and disconnect the battery connector from the negative terminal.

3. Attach a hard copper wire having an inline fuse connected to the negative terminal connector.

4. Take the other end of this wire and slide it through the opening to the car’s cockpit.

5. Run this wire through the carpet, to underneath the front passenger seat, where the amplifier will be placed. Remember that the amplifier is placed between the speakers and the head unit i.e the stereo.

6. This wire is then connected to the ‘GROUND’ input marked on the amplifier. Similarly the wire needs to be connected to the positive terminal of the battery, brought inside to the ‘B+’ input marked on the Amplifier.

7. Now take a thin blue wire called the remote wire, connect one side to the blue color remote wire with the back of the car stereo and the other side to the ‘REMOTE’ input marked on the amplifier.

8. The wires from the speakers need to be connected to the amplifier and to the SPEAKER output connectors marked positive and negative.

9. For the input of the amplifier you need to run 2 RCA wires from the RCA output behind the car stereo to the RCA input in the car amplifier and adjust the frequency settings in the amplifier as desired.

The setup is now complete. Next connect the Battery wires back to its terminals, close the bonnet, turn on the car and switch on the car stereo. The amplifier should be working and giving you a better, louder and crisper sound.

Car sub-woofer installation:

Requirements :Minimum 4 channel installed amplifier , a sub woofer and a pair of thin insulated copper wires.

1. Turn off the car and open the boot. Place the sub woofer inside the boot and connect one side of the insulated copper wire to the sub woofer.

2. Run this wire to the amplifier and connect the other end to the speaker output bridged connection marked positive and negative on the amplifier. Turn on your car security syatem and test Sub frequencies.