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What dad me about loans and lending tools

The loan of a tool is a sacred, sacred thing, especially when it comes to this kind of rare, extremely hard to replace, vintage device that work oh-so- Much better than anything produced in the last half century (and you know the guy I’m talking about, they’re always rust-colored, without actually being rusty). Man, that is an expression of trust!

I was raised by a second Italian-American dad in a paper varnish hat, shoulder strap undershirt and leather tool belt. Grandpa wore the same uniform Both made their creatures as disciplined craftsmen and both treated their tools as a priest treated golden altar utensils. When he gave me my first bike, Dad pulled himself out of his tool cabinet, a Satchel handle of old hand tools – and with laser beam eye contact, allowing me to use them, as I needed, explicitly caused her careful care and attention Return. One was sure to be careful with the tools Grandpa had handed over to Dad. Respect.

Well, Dad has disappeared for several years now and his tools are mine, now (and they’re sure how hell will not go into the plastic bucket with my port cargo garbage). Some of them have the Ford imprint, for Giuseppe and Conrad were Ford men; And when I use one of these wrenches to use on my model cloth

This is identical to the car in sepia tone photo of Dad and Uncle Lou, as both went partners on a 1915 touring just before the war – I get a feeling of heart-rending nostalgia. I look at this tool in my hand and from the archives of my memory, a video is much as selected as an old Wurlitzer Juke Box would extract a single record from a horizontal stack of 45’s. When it is played, there is Dad who is not quite forty years old, and he smiles patiently when he tells Bobby, not Bob yet: “Before you screw the nut, turn it backwards until you feel the click, then turn You. ”


source: justacarguy.blogspot.com