Audi has disclosed that it’ll slowly move faraway from its same style philosophy.

In recent years, the brand’s numerous vehicles have adopted remarkably similar styles, typically to the purpose of being virtually similar to one another. However, the German brand name recently admitted to Autocar that it’ll begin to form its vehicles look a lot of outlined.

“This [repetition] style method was accustomed create Audis a lot of recognizable in newer and rising markets like China,” same Audi chief govt prince Stadler.

“Now we tend to square measure standard in China, we will begin to alter this philosophy and provides every automobile its own look.”

These sentiments were echoed by Audi style boss brandy Lichte UN agency same these distinct styles ought to create the brand’s vehicles a lot of engaging.

“We acknowledge that there’s an area for a lot of differentiation currently. Since our cars square measure in production for a minimum of six years, in today’s world i feel every model ought to have its own style to be engaging for this durable,” he said.

Lichte conjointly same that the adoption of electrical powertrains can give automobile designers with bigger freedoms, permitting them to style vehicles with “shorter overhangs and lower bonnets.”