What do you get when you combine the Honda S2000 with the iconic NSX? The Honda S3500.

Built by ECU Performance in 2015, this unique S2000 build is powered by the NSX’s C32B, 3.2-liter six-cylinder engine. However, it has been stroked to 3.5-liters and now dubbed the C35B while also fitted with ported heads and aftermarket camshafts. All up, it delivers a cool 450 hp and 400 Nm of torque.

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Other bespoke powertrain components include a Dranth sequential 6-speed transmission with a Tilton twin plate clutch, custom headers, a new exhaust, KW Competition suspension, a Haltech PS2000 ECU and Haltech HPI6. There’s also a set of seriously attractive independent throttle bodies.

When outfitted with a towering carbon fiber rear wing, a huge rear diffuser, an aftermarket hardtop and a new front splitter, you have the makings of a seriously impressive track weapon.