Shortly after a Venezuelan court ordered the confiscation of the local facility of General Motors, it was found that 2,678 employees had lost their jobs and were informed about the text. Autoblog reported that two ex-staff members at the facility in Valencia received text news about the weekend to tell them that they were no longer occupied by General Motors and that theirs. “

Bank accounts had received severance pay.

Prior to the court order, GM was dismantled The plant built a vehicle there since the beginning of 2016 due to a lack of parts and currency controls by the Venezuelan government.

In spite of the fact that the fourth major producer of vehicles in Latin America once again, the country”s industry has collapsed in the last few years and in 2016 only eight cars were built there.

General Motors claims that the seizure of the plant is illegal, but the left government does not want GM to abandon the country.

Frencisco Torrealba, speaking to the press, said: “To the present General Motors President of Venezuela, Jose Cavaileri: You come here, show your face and share with us the possibilities to restore normality.”

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