The Bugatti Veyron boasted impressive numbers to say the least. Four turbochargers Sixteen cylinders. 1,000 horse stables 250 mph. But one of the most amazing could very well be the number of special editions that he delivered over his decade of production.

There were so many, in fact, that – two more years since the production ended – we sometimes meet once again with unique Veyrons we have never seen before. Like this, which was apparently never driven.

This unique Bugatti was obviously commissioned by (or at least with the blessing) of the jewelers at Tiffany & Co. And in a two-color finish of black and Tiffany”s signature Robin egg blue, all from the exterior trim and wheels to the Interimor upholstery and contrasting with the black body.

Dubai-based supercar dealer Knight International has performed it on JamesEdition, without a single mile on the odometer and the blankets still on the seats, for an unpublished price, which is sure to coincide with the new Chiron compete. After all, the Chiron has a long Warteliste, and this is still new and (crucial) now available.

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