According to a new report, the current Lexus GS could be effectively replaced by a new generation ES, which has arrived next year.

Russian publication Auto Review claims that Lexus executives have decided to dig the GS and upgrade it to serve as their only full-size, premium sedan. This is apparently because the next ES continues to be based on the more favorable front drive architecture of the Camry. In comparison, the GS has rear-wheel drive subsoils.

Although no official sources have confirmed or denied the reports, they have a logic that takes into account the similarities in size between the current GS and ES, making it too plausible for the two to be brought together for a single new model. However, it is possible that Lexus can only consider combining the ES and GS into a model in Russia, while retaining the two models elsewhere.

In mid-March, Japanese reports pointed out that the current GS is being buried as the new LS can be on the heels

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