I must say I have not really much interest in the Marque. It screams ‘excess’ to me. That is, they sell in figures that show that is what some people want and can afford to spoil this desire. 3,579 were made in 2016, by 3.5% to 2015 3,707. With competitors such as Ferrari and Mclaren, the small super sports car market is tight and new models are constantly committed to keeping the range fresh and appealing.

Of the two models Lamborghini the Huracán made 68% of the volume with 2,400 (Coupe 1,300 and Roadster 1,100). The Aventador makes the balance with 1.160 (Coupé 590 and Roadster 570).

The Lamborghini Urus SUV is finally on the surface. It has been wrapped there for some time and the capacity in the facility is now ready to cope with the volume required. I read somewhere about 3,500 units per year is the target figure, with the two cars fitting to it.

Lamborghini Gallardo to hell in the name of art

They say art is subjective – but why would every so-called enthusiast submit to such an exhibition? A commemorative piece at the Danish ARoS Aarhus Art Museum in Aarhus, Denmark, this mutilated Lamborghini Gallardo is on display for all that has been seen in the past months.

After Jalopnik it is part of a show called “No man is an island – the satanic verses”. The display itself is aptly named, “low key”, and sees a black Gallardo etched from tire to windshield in various Danish curse words. It has been on display since September 2016.

“Everything you do, every action leaves behind the society in which you live,” says the description of the exhibition. “None of us remain untouched, since every little action has an influence on the whole.” Museum visitors were encouraged to add their own signature for the car for three weeks before it was officially hired. The picture below shows the auto-pre-key party.

 Lamborghini Gallardo Keyed Art

The Gallardo will be on display until September before returning to his owner, a Norwegian artist who passes by The name DOLK. DOLK says that he has no plans to “ruin” the work of art by painting it back into the factory, and why should he?

As the website Wonderful Engineering noticed, this artistic expression is now probably worth more than the car itself … if it can even be priced. Brand new, a Gallardo base would bring you back only about $ 200,000. For some people this DOLK order is probably unpayable.

Source: Jalopnik

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