If there is a model of the extensive history of BMW that we would like to see, it is certainly the M1. Sure, the 3.0 CSL was a legend, and the 8 Series was smooth – but the M1 was a real mid-engine supercar, even though this engine was only a modest 3.5-liter in-line six. Fountain rain Prisk has answered the call – if not with a physical revitalization of the machine, at least with an artistic.This new rendering shows two very different (and quite theoretical) takes the Giugiaro-designed Bavarian wedge.

One, as you can see, is hit on the ground – the asphalt with a (practically) lowered suspension and riding on fat-colored dunlop slicks torn. The other adopts the same approach that the Estonian designer has applied to it.

Many other supercars: Pick it up from the road and tie it up with all sorts of off-road equipment, from the cracking tires and the bull’s bar For auxiliary lighting. Both could beat the purists as a perversion The Ultimate Ultimate Driving Machines. But they are sure to get the juices, which in any case flow like BMW’s own tribute concept or its modern embodiment in the form of the hybrid i8.

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