Another film that portrays the life of Enzo Ferrari is supposedly in production, but the automobile icon would not be the star of the show. After Variety the film Antonio Banderas as Ferruccio Lamborghini starts and tells his story in the sports car scene. Alec Baldwin would play Ferrari and be the officer of the action.

According to Variety screenwriter Bobby Moresco of Crash would be the action on the book Ferruccio Lamborghini La storia ufficiale by Lamborghini’s son Tonino. The plot was supposed to focus on the history of the industrialist from the Second World War to start the auto business in the early 1960s.

Lamborghini has famed its own car maker, with the bad reliability of its Ferrari, especially the clutch, when we Banderas.

 Christian Bale will play Enzo Ferrari in the upcoming movie

And Baldwin in their best Italian accents for two hours, you could make a great movie. Especially when you consider how many beautiful 1960s Italian sports cars would be on the screen.

Unfortunately, until this film comes into the cinemas, we take his chances with a grain of salt. There were too many rumors of extremely interesting automotive films that have never yet arrived at the cinema. For example, reports in 2013 claimed Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise were allegedly in an adaptation of the book Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari and their battle for speed and glory in Le Mans

Other stories about Enzo Ferrari and Ferruccio Lamborghini:

In addition, Michael Mann has tried to get an Enzo Ferrari Biopic out of the ground for 17 years. At one point, it should see Al Pacino. Recently, Christian Bale allegedly took the role. He eventually fell out, and Hugh Jackman supposedly took over the Starring. The film, which concentrated on the rivalry between Ferrari and Maserati in 1957, was able to start the shooting in 2018 and come to the cinema in 2019.

Robert De Niro has reportedly worked on a separate biopic about Enzo. The story is supposedly focused on his later life and starts De Niro.

Source: Variety



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