Way back in 2002, Ford had fallen to the 12th ranking of the car brand in the RSA. Since then, it has been gradually creeping until the 3rd to 2014, where it has remained since then. The market share in 02 02 was 2.2% and in 2016 11%. So what did Ford do right?

There are sources that are sold in mature markets as well as for emerging ones. The RSA is a mixture of such customers so Ford has something for everyone. Of course, other car companies do the same but not to the level that Ford does.

The assembly of Everest large SUV started, which was imported from Thailand before. It connects its sibling ranger’s pickup as a second locally sourced vehicle and that should help model sales grow. So let’s see what it sells, the top 3 of 2016 sold:

Fiesta: A world-famous model, which is also sold well here.

EcoSport: A small SUV that comes from India and is mainly oriented towards emerging countries.

Figo: It was an older model Fiesta, but from 2015 on the mini-Ka and also comes from India.

It is thus clear that the right models are decisive for success. Ford used the Indian market to make the most of it. Entry into the top two passenger car brands – VW and Toyota – will be tough as they are well-established and well-established. Ford has done well to get these far and future profits, will be a big question. Still, the point of the article is that Ford has done really well to get where it is now.
Model 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Fiesta 5.595 8,443 8,516 10,462 12.204
EcoSport 2.585 7,674 11.627 11.442
Figo 14,376 15,255 13.937 9.899 5.480
Focus 3.515 5,365 2.985 3,948 4,291
Kuga 883 3,631 4.152 4.047 2 441
Everest 702 1.172 291 543 2,117
Mustang 860
B-Max 198 438
Tourneo 451 412
Fusion 403 229
Ikon 844 1.29 3,315 1.496 1
Total 25.915 37.749 40.870 43,074 39.915
share 5.9% 8.4% 9.3% 10.4% 11.0%

Data source: Naamsa.


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