I announced this in June 2015 when it was still a goal:

The Girls Auto Clinic provides full-service auto repair, female mechanics, manis, pedis and blowouts while you wait, all in a nice lounge Women. Http://girlsautoclinic.com

Plus, they have a monthly free clinic on autopflege, how to talk to a mechanic and what to do in a car emergency. Https://www.facebook.com/GirlsAutoClinic/

Plus, they have the Pennsylvania certificate for vehicle and emission control!

Car repair shops are not known for catering women, so Patrice Banks is trying to change that with a business model that focuses on female customers.

The banks ended their engineering job at DuPont and enrolled in the automotive school, partly because they were unpleasant to auto repair shops.

“I hated all my experiences, which came for an oil change, the whole time for an air filter was complex.”

Banks began to measure their friends, women they met through their job, The woman who bought them every morning asked them: What do you want, you know what you can do for yourself , But not, predominantly, the answer was: Fix my car. The banks were looking for a female mechanic with whom she could talk. A blog about car maintenance. She could not find one, so at 32, she became a mechanic herself, going back to school at night for automotive technology, while getting Still working full-time

This experience inspired girl’s car clinic: an autowerkstatt and salon. While customers can fix their car, they can also have a mani, pedi or hair styling. Seriously, you’ll need something to do about half an hour while you’ve changed your oil … could also consider the best use of your downtime while your car is on the lift.

While women now hold multiple driver licenses than men and spend more money each year on buying and repaired with their cars – more than $ 200 billion – they have a good reason for these automechanics jitter. In a 2013 survey of auto workers, 77 percent said mechanics are more likely to sell women unnecessary repairs, and a recent Northwestern University study found that auto repair shops give women significantly higher price quotes than men.

Toolboxes for hairbrushes n Things? I love it …

and they’re still with hair and nail techs … it’s harder to get the right employees (you’ve seen beauty shop with Queen Latifa, then you know) as good mechanics ,

Banks now has three stylists and nail technicians. But she would like something like 10. The problem is that she has trouble finding people who can make nails and are passionate about their mission and brand. As if one of her stylists did not wear her uniform – a blue-collaborated mechanical shirt with a patch that says “Clutch”. “People are complex like shit,” says Banks. “I’d rather work with a machine.”

So if you know someone with the licenses and a year experience in the upper Darby part of the Philly area who wants to work on a cool company that focuses on helping women, let them know the link Is below for the job list:

Must have a valid cosmetic license from the state of Pennsylvania and a degree of accredited beauty school. Clutch Beauty Bar does not exist just a part of the Girls Auto Clinic and #sheCANic movement, but Clutch also exists to create a clubhouse for women.


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