Car makers are constantly trying to appeal to thousands of years, but a recent study suggests luxury and prestige is the key to their heart.

Quote an EquiTrend study from the Harris Poll, the Detroit Bureau reported thousands of years have a love affair with Mercedes. The German car manufacturer boasted the highest equity rating among car manufacturers, but other luxury brands were not far behind the millennium, such as BMW, Genesis, Lexus and Porsche.

Despite their predilection for the finer things in life, thousands of years are not exactly flush with cash. As a result, Harris notes that “thousands of thousands are much less likely to have truly luxury cars than older generations.”

That brings us to the mainstream manufacturers, which millennia rather buy vehicles. According to the study, Toyota was the top brand that was favored by the age group, and it was followed by Honda, Chevrolet and Ford. According to Joan Sinopoli, vice president of the brand solutions at The Harris Poll, “The flirt with cars as Part of our culture is alive. ”

Joan Sinopoli, vice president of the brand solutions at The Harris Poll And with younger generations, Millennials strive for luxury, and this is nowhere more clear than in the automotive industry, where they are behind the equity capital of Mercedes-Benz. ”




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