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The Lexus IS 200t is characterized by today”s harvest of compact Luxussport sedans with strongly extroverted styling. Love or hatred of this car, it will not be ignored, and the optional F sports package on this IS 200t RWD model is written as an exclamation point at the end of a set in caps. Perform with its appearance, but is the IS 200t the best chance of bedding in your garage. This is because it is on the small side, its ride is one-dimensional, and its base engine does not live up to the promise of its aggressive appearance. Go for it if you love the look, but be aware of everything else you are – and are not – get.


Well-trained engine The turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine in the IS 200t is not a power pack, with only 241 hp and 258 pound-feet of torque, but it is hardly behind the V6 in the More expensive IS 300 (255 hp / 236 pounds offered -ft) and is among the best in the form of refinement. Even if you ground it, the four-cylinder never raises a rushing voice or begins to shake between the shocktowers

Standout Design Every comment on the design must be qualified as just an opinion, but I think that Lexus and its Nike “Swoosh” design language look keenly at this compact sedan. It does not manage to have any vehicle type (have you seen a Lexus SUV lately), but it works here. I could take or leave the F sports package that costs an extra $ 3,545, adding a spindle grille, new front bumper and special 18-inch wheels; Even without the extra makeup, the IS 200t makes a statement.

Proper sporting handling Speaking of the F-Sport package, also includes a sporty tuned suspension and performance-oriented summer tires. It makes the IS 200t worthy of the name “sports sedan” with quick responses to steering inputs, stable turns and impressive grip. While it is not a setup, I”d like to drive all the time, it”s an explosion on your favorite road and makes the most of the power of the engine.


Cramped rear seat Under the competitive set, the IS has the second largest cabin behind the Cadillac ATS. The rear seat is especially as tight as it comes, with rear head and especially leg freedom, which remains far behind the best sellers of the segment. For example, a Mercedes-Benz C-Class offers 35.2 inches of legroom of the IS 200t 32.2. These three centimeters may be small, but in the real world they feel like a mile. This cramped feeling also insults the trunk where 10.8 cubic feet of loader space is surpassed only by the Cadillac 10.4.

Bouncy Ride The fist suspension of the F sports package and less forgiving wheel-and-tire setup make the IS 200t ride rather nervous. Without adaptive suspension (only the IS 350 F Sport RWD and AWD models have one), the strength never goes away, the hopping never stops, and the crashing over bumps continues unabated. You”re stuck with what you think twice, to pay extra for the F sports outfit.

Needs more power When glowing a review, as I gave this engine refinement up, it could use more power, especially at 4,000 rpm, where the turbo has not yet kicked completely. A car that looks and treats like a sports machine sure does not feel like one when it is hit by the line of a Honda Accord Touring. The IS 200t external-tooth automatic transmission also does not help. With so many courses run again and again shifts and they are not particularly fast. Lexus claims that the IS 200t can reach 60 mph in 6.9 seconds, which is not particularly fast for a $ 45K + sports sedan.


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