Mercedes-AMG’s project A hypercar will debut in a few months at the Frankfurt Motor Show. But in the meantime, we are drooling over this Mercedes supercar concept created by a Behance designer.

The man behind the vehicle, Yicheng Fan was inspired by iconic Mercedes models of the past as well as the design philosophy, which is less & # 39 ;. In doing so, he created a vehicle that does not look next to the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

The front facade of the vehicle is dominated by an elongated windshield that melts seamlessly into the bonnet and the front bumper. Other striking features are small headlights, large air intakes and a Mercedes badge that seems to float in front of the radiator. On the sides, the super sports car does not have any visible air intakes (see McLaren 720S) and has a series of cameras, which protrude from the side windows instead of conventional wing mirrors.

From behind we see a set of flying buttresses, an aggressive stern diffuser and what seems to be a single, vertical taillight that runs down the center. The interior is also something special and ditch any superfluous features in favor of two seats, a futuristic looking steering wheel and not much else. Perfect. Source:


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