For the first time ever, Apple CEO Tim Cook has spoken openly about the company’s plans for the automotive sector.

During an interview with Bloomberg Cook said that Apple is concentrating on building an autonomous system for cars and ending the secrecy of the vehicle project.”It is a core technology that we consider very important,” he said. “We saw it as the mother of all AI projects.” It was probably one of the most difficult AI projects to work with. ”

Apple had initially planned to build its own car before focusing its development Technology for autonomous driving. The Titan project of the company, as it was called internally, has employed more than 1,000 engineers since 2014 to work on the project.

Cook has never spoken openly about the self-supporting project of Apple. “There is a big disturbance that appears there,” Cook said, quoting self-drive technology, electric vehicles and riding. “They have any three vectors of change, which generally happen in the same time frame.”

As for whether Apple will build their own car, Cook let it keep his cards closed. “We’ll see where it takes us,” he said. “We do not really say from product perspective what we are going to do.”



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