Toyota updated the 86 last year by giving it a visual refresher and a stiffer body structure, but under its still pretty skin, it remains quite identical to the car that debuted in 2012.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, as we have known over the years, because the two-door coupe has proven its driving abilities several times, with the most significant, the German Haral Mueller in Turkey a world record in 2014, For 144.126km (89.55 miles).However, Mullers record has just been crushed by the South African journalist Jesse Adams, who managed to hold the car for an impressive 168.502km (104.7 miles) and an average speed of 29 km / h (18.02 Mph) after doing register to run around and make a wet ski pad more than 1,000 times, for almost six hours!

Toyota says that “the premise of the record is that the driven wheels must not stop turning at any time during the run,” and “a directional change is permitted as long as the driven wheels remain in motion.”

The results, which were achieved in a warehouse Toyota 86 with an additional fuel tank in the spare wheel well area, were by the analysis of two independent GPS-based VBOX data loggers, and they were to the Guinness world records Official verification.



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