Mate Rimac, founder of Rimac Automobili, spoke for the first time since Richard Hammond was admitted to the hospital after the crash of the Concept_One electric hypercar.

In the search for Facebook, Rimac offered an idea of ​​the magnitude of the crash and stated that the car came to rest 300 meters (328 yards) after flying from the hill of the Hemberg hill climb in Switzerland. Mate also showed that the Concept_One descended 100 meters (109 yards) down the hill after he had left the road.The Croatian company also says that the fire fell 10 meters after the car on an asphalt road, while he fell down the hill.

Because of the extensive damage caused by the hypercar, Rimac says it was not able to determine how fast the car was traveling when it crashed, but Jeremy Clarkson says on

Shortly after the accident last week, the Grand Tour published an explanation that Hammond had not suffered any serious injuries. Hammond then released a video of his hospital bed on DriveTribe and confirmed that he was “not dead” and that he had an operation on his knee.



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