McLaren has just reached the point of despair. One of the most successful teams in the history of F1, it has not even won a race in the past three seasons or even landed on the podium. And all the signs indicate that it is Honda’s fault.

That is why the team was rumored to consider other options for the next season, and this last report has really attracted our attention.According to Autosport McLaren could look for a motorsupply contract with Ferrari next season. And while this may make sense in the Italian engine performance this year, the idea of ​​McLaren to buy engines from its arch rival seems almost unimaginable in the wider context of things.

The most likely scenario should be Honda Do not be able to work together until the end of this season, McLaren would have wanted to return to Mercedes-Power, albeit as a customer – not the factory relationship between the British team and the German manufacturer.

The linchpin can come to clean, from all teams. The Swiss outfit was driven with Honda engines in the coming season, but is now reportedly returned after the departure of the team boss.

If Sauber decides to stay with the old Ferrari engines as it is now running to Honda as planned, and Haas poles (as it is also safe) with Ferrari engines also, the powertrain could be Shop in Maranello find themselves too busy to take over another team, and might require a special permit, even if it wanted. With the Wunderkind Pascal Wehrlein, who drives for Sauber, it could very well switch to the AMG power.

The quintessence is that if both McLaren and Sauber shipship, Honda F1 could leave altogether by his choice own … only a complete failure to compete.

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