Word about an alleged “baby” Honda NSX was limited in the last 12 months and without official talks about the car of Honda itself, the project might have been dead in the water.

However, a number of new patent images were published by the European Union Intellectual Property Office and Autoguide which highlight the interior of the upcoming sports car, supposedly designated as ZSX.

The pictures show that the car has an interior layout with obvious similarities to the current NSX, including a familiar center console design and dashboard. Perhaps the outstanding steering wheel and shawl seats, which seem to be attached to the monocoque, flow seamlessly into the doors.

The exterior of the illustrated vehicle is fairly identical with the patent images unveiled in August 2016 and this is certainly not a bad thing with the car adopting styling cues from the NSX but shrinking it into a smaller package.

When the car comes into question, it will act as the spiritual successor to the Honda S2000 and could compete with the new Toyota Supra. The power would probably come from the 2.0-liter turbocharger four of the Civic Type R and coupled with a pair of electric motors.



source: www.carscoops.com


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