The vast majority of cars in Forza – or any driving game for that matter – are real cars that you could find on the road … but not all of them. Like this latest addition to Forza Horizon 3

The developers of Turn 10 Studios have added the Regalia to the driving sim and surpassed it from another popular game: Final Fantasy XV
King Regis driving represents the height of elegance Four-door convertible in the grandest parade car style – like the Lincoln Continental from Entourage or the Cadillac Ciel concept from the year 2011 (which incidentally in the Entourage film). Only the Regalia is not a classic from a time or even a unique concept. This comes from the fictitious land of Eos, where Noctis Lucis Caelum and his entourage go. Oh, and it has what would probably be the largest folding hardtop mechanism in business, it was actually to exist.

The Regalia is not the first fantasy car to take the leap to Horizon 3 from another video game. Last summer the developers ported over the Warthog of Halo to the same game. At this point, we ask ourselves what might come next. The stallion muscle car (or any of the other finished vehicles) of Grand Theft Auto ? A tank of Call of Duty ? A camel of Assassin”s Creed ? (19459010)



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