While we don’t have to go as far as to say that orange is the new black, this particular McLaren 720S certainly doesn’t need a set of shiny new wheels in order to stand out.

The bright orange paint scheme, mixed in with the black mirrors, roof and pillars, does a fine job at that. It’s certainly a fresh take on the popular Azores Orange color scheme that we’re familiar with.

Yet, there are always more mods one can make for appearances’ sake, which is where these 20″ HRE wheels painted in Stone Dark Clear come in. The wheel manufacturer will sell you this lightweight alloy model, dubbed R101, in multiple sizes, from 17″ all the way through 21″. According to HRE, the wheels weigh a mere 16 lbs (7.2 kg) and cost $2,200 each.

Aside from looking pretty, the latest Super Series McLaren is also a formidable foe on the drag strip. In reality, it’s thought to have a lot more power than the 720 horses its name would suggest. A dyno test from November of last year showed a 720S putting down 691 WHP. This means it could actually have anywhere from 770 to over 800 HP at the crank.

Either way, it’s a sub 10-second car over a 1/4 mile, and that’s a rare achievement for a stock car without any kind of engine modifications.


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