Ford and applied scientist area unit making ready to shut their venture that’s been developing electric cell technology.

Reuters reports that the Automotive electric cell Cooperation firm can fold this summer, because the 2 automaker’s like better to bring the event of H technologies in-house.

Ford “will take electric cell stack development in-house, similarly as leverage the provision base, and shut Automotive electric cell Cooperation firm. by summer 2018,” the corporate aforementioned.

“Both corporations can still explore ways in which to join forces on developing electric cell stack modules.”

Do fuel cells have a viable future?

Although the carmakers say they’ll continue engaged on fuel cells, it remains to be seen however committed either of them area unit. Earlier this year, applied scientist chief government Dieter Zetsche indicated that the corporate was stepping back on its development of electric cell vehicles in favor of battery-electric cars. With this in mind, the firm’s GLC F-Cell can so reach the market, however be reserved to fleet operators.

Similarly, Ford doesn’t seem as committed to H vehicles because it once did. Last year, former chief technology officer dominion Nair aforementioned electric cell technology is developing during a} very disjointed manner.

Many carmakers stay hopeful that H vehicles can have a future aboard EVs. enclosed among these area unit Honda, General Motors, Toyota and Audi.


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