The Korean drama industry event “2018 APAN STAR AWARDS” (Asia Pacific Star Awards Ceremony) was grandly released last (13th). The actresses on the red carpet appeared in temperament long dresses, including G-DRAGON, the captain of the Tianwang men’s team BIGBANG. The rumored actress Li Zhouyi (Li Zhuzhen) robbed her in a deep V burst, but she was photographed on the red carpet for fear of getting out of the light. 

Li Zhouyi was afraid of getting out of the light, and was photographed on the red carpet. (Figure / flip Korean network, 2018.10.14) 

 Li Zhouyi took a dark red deep V long sea on the red carpet, big show northern hemisphere and career line, an extraordinary appearance, but because the dress is too long, she frequently pulls the dress Joe milk, deeply afraid of the light, all shot by the lens Down, the screen was madly passed by the screenshots of the netizens, grabbing everyone’s eyes. 

In fact, Li Zhouyi was a member of the Women’s Group After School. At the end of 2014, he contracted with the brokerage company and no longer renewed his contract. At the beginning of this year, it was blown out with the popular Tianqi group BIGBANG captain G-DRAGON. The two people were photographed many times in and out of each other’s home. This relationship also made Li Zhouyi’s popularity increase rapidly.  More NOWnews Today’s News Report Interview / Waiting for this role for a lifetime “Happy City” can not be without Ding Ning Zhang Xinzhe cherishes the meat and is determined not to take off.


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