Recently, Kelly, who succeeded in the new drama “Jumping Lifeline”, entered the entertainment circle in 2012 with the attitude of Miss International China. She mainly worked as a host in the wireless field. 

Recently, because she was playing live on the Internet, she was really swearing. With the fitness of the body and the 43-foot long leg, it was sought after by a group of netizens as a “playing goddess”, and its popularity soared.
In addition to a lot of shopping mall Show and host work, but also participate in TVB multi-set drama shooting, although this time Kelly is not doing variety shows, but in the hit “jump lifeline” as a ballet tutor and garage mechanics, However, most of the characters in the play are vest shorts or workers’ pants. They can show long legs and are very eye-catching. It is reported that in another new drama “White Strongman”, she plays a brain neurosurgeon and often appears in short skirts to continue the welfare. Kelly said during the interview that the reason for the producer to find her is because the role of “car mechanic” is enough to admire the other side of the boy’s head when she is playing.
In fact, Kelly is very fond of outdoor activities in private. It is totally difficult for her to go up the mountain and sea. She loves to travel and she will never be a big fan, big show flower skirt, swimsuit photos.


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