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Driver Narrowly Avoids Head-On Collision During Atrocious Overtaking Maneuver


Although the first generation Dacia Logan was registered to the medical clinic last year when the incident occurred, should we consider this maneuver as nothing but irresponsible?

driver of doubtful care, entertaining the notion that this may be the mother of all medical emergencies . Although, if we treat it as we would otherwise risk risky maneuver, the only thing to do is to spoil when trying not to imagine a terrible outcome.

This action is actually from last year, and it goes on a single lane in Romania. As you can see, there is no room for cutting, and logan drivers also have the opportunity to enter the back of VW Polo black.

On the contrary, he almost collapsed with long Skoda Octavia and Opel Astra. No matter how you rotate, this is the way too close to comfort.

May all the legal steps be taken after that fact, and the person driving Dacia answers what they are doing. Although it is a full medical emergency – which is unlikely because the car is not an ambulance nor is it suitable for transporting vital organs – the reality is that the driver does not care about the safety of other users of the road for a while.

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