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Autonomous Roborace Car Tries, And Fails, To Beat A Human Around A Track


Whether you like it or not, and even if events show they are not ready, autonomous vehicles are coming – and include self drive racing cars

to believe that autonomous races will release as imagined by many technology leaders, Roborace continues to test and develop DevBot before his own self-races race series joining the Formula E. calendar

DevBot’s latest challenge saw him compete against Ryan Tuerck’s professional drifter in a flying round around the road circuit in Rome.

Following a series of warm-ups to familiarize yourself with DevBot Tuerck can set the best time of 1: 51.8 around the circuit. When Tuerck jumped out and the electric rider was left to his own device, it had the best time of 2: 18.4, more than 26 seconds slower than his counterpart

Can not beat man – not right now

This is not the first time an autonomous rider has failed to show us how to quickly pass the race circuit.

Last year, Supercike Motobot Yamaha Faster than Valentino Rossi. In the works since 2015, the bike ride itself eventually became about 30 seconds slower than the most productive rider in MotoGP history.

It is not merely to speed that these autonomous riders are less. If you remove a driver from a race car or bike, you will lose the entire battle of a man who will head for the supremacy behind the wheel, thereby reducing public interest.

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