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Bentley Dominator: Meet The Rolls Royce Cullinan’s Long Lost Daddy


Oh, it’s awkward. The new Rolls Royce Cullinan has been dropped as the lightest, most luxurious, most expensive SUV that highlights luxurious and very promising luxury, but looks familiar.

After Bentley Bentayga ] Cullinan was supposed to be the second SUV-luxury SUV ever.

Enter the privilege Bentley Dominator, one of many buildbuilt models created dedicated to the Sultan of Brunei in the 1990s. By way of Dominator is the world’s first super luxury luxury SUV and, seeing it, the Bentayga and Cullinan ancestors (from 1931 to takeover by VW Group in 1998, Bentley owned by Rolls-Royce).

OK, there is nothing to expect from Rolls Royce to rewrite the design book, but the Cullinan form gives us the moment of déjà vu when the first image is found online.

In the 90s, there were various types of stories about you ever fascinated by the collection of the Sultan’s big car ; but there are some cars that can not be traced for some time.

Dominator is one of them. Nobody knew that it existed for three years after it was created, when Autocar published a story about it in 1998.

which was a bit and so long ago he just added Dominator legend. If you are old enough to remember, the Dominator comes at a time when you want a luxurious exterior, there is one option: Range Rover. Bentley built six Dominion’s examples for the Sultan, including one red and one in bright yellow. All of them display custom chrome trim around the bodywork and ride the chrome wheels, while the interior is completely pre-ordered in thick leather and classic wood trim. Based on rough images, tailgate is also a split item, just as the car is based.

Dominator is based on the P38A generation Range Rover using all-wheel drive systems as well. Some reports say that it uses the same Rover V8 engine, but we can not tell for sure because the company never issued a piece of information about it.

The new Rolls Royce Cullinan will be one of the most amazing vehicles out there when it hits the highway. However, Dominator (what a name!) Will always be the first luxury SUV made in Blighty oil.

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