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2018 Volkswagen Polo with Arteon-inspired Looks


In a little less than five months, the new generation debuts 2018 VW Polo at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall.

While it is not yet certain whether this prototype was due to be launched in South Africa in March, the decision was, as it looked more like an evolutionary facelift than something really new, a digital artist Kleber Silva Next Polo.

The Rendered 2018 model draws inspiration from the CC replacement, called Arteon. The sub-compact hatch gets a dynamic front end, highlighted by LED headlights, chrome trim, large air inlets and muscle hood, along with a clean rear view with a different taillight pattern.

The new Polo will use the new MQB-A0 platform of the VW Group, which is shared with the latest Seat Ibiza. An engine upgrade will be obtained as the 1,5-liter TSI petrol units will replace the current 1.4-liter TSI. These are connected by the 1-liter 3-cylinder gasoline, in several outputs and presumably by an updated 1.6-liter TDI diesel.

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The VW Polo GTI will live in the new generation, and it is believed to apply the 2.0-liter TSI from the Fifth Gen Golf GTI at 197 horsepower.


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