The second generation of Nissan Leaf should have a total distance of more than 200 miles (322 km).

However, a prototype in southern France in the other week, by Nicolas Dufresne, a member of a Leaf group, unveiled his combi-engine, which held 265km or 165 miles, on what seems to be a full cargo.
In comparison, the current Nissan sheet equipped with a 30kWh lithium-ion battery is rated by the NEDC at 250km (155 miles) and its successor should come in two flavors: with a 40kWh and a 60kWh Battery pack, providing as much as 340 miles (547km) in the second variant, reports disclosed.

With a few months to the Nissan Leaf debut in 2018, the car manufacturer could still have a few aces in the sleeve, so it is too early to solve the driving range mystery.

It will be entirely new, both on the outside as well as in the cabin, and it will be equipped with the latest technology, including the & # 39; e pedal which will allow users , The EV to accelerate and source: